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  • Every moment is a learning moment
  • Talking and listening cultivate growth
  • Communication is the key to understanding and making change

Teachers. Parents. Students.

Let us be partners in your practice.

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What we do

Our Beliefs

Eyes Open Education nurtures learning in schools and homes that is compassionate, connective and constructive. We all need practice staying open through challenges — learning to ask questions in order to revise our understanding. We believe that experience and reflection build thinking muscles and facilitate growth.

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Hi, I'm Kara

Across 20+ years I’ve cultivated a robust life as an educator.

 I’ve had the privilege of being a longtime classroom teacher, a reading interventionist, an instructional coach, an adjunct instructor of graduate students, and a diversity, equity, and inclusion advisor.

I’m also a mom of two teenagers. 

That’s a wide view of teaching and learning. 

Let’s move forward together, with our eyes open.

What do we offer?

Eyes Open Education Supports

  • Joyful learning
  • Collaborative planning
  • Personalized instruction
  • Thoughtful engagement
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